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I joined Get Your Radio in February 2021 after two years at Supreme FM.  
Now streaming live on GetYourRadio my shows are on Monday’s (1-4pm) The Afternoon Flight and Tuesdays (10-1pm) The Breakfast Flight, in which I play a variety of music genres.
The love of DJing was influenced through spending time around parental influences who kept weekly parties, where I spent time emulating the DJs and practicing with friends. Reggae or Ska was played regularly in households and I quickly moved into the world of sound systems, which laid the foundations for my experience and knowledge as a Sound Engineer.
Lovers Rock is my music of choice, but as DJ I do not limit myself to one genre and in 2007 I took up Salsa as a teacher and as a DJ and now own a vast collection of Salsa tracks. Having grown to love Salsa, it’s different and a challenge but learning the music and it’s roots have  paid off as every year I get invited to holidays and weekenders to teach and DJ.
As a DJ, I do not believe in limiting myself where music is concerned, as the more you know, the more doors open and I’m loving it…
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