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Lady Jennie P

I started to work for Don Christie’s in 1995 and worked there for several years. I went onto work with Families & Children. 
My hobby has always been music so I started playing on my 1st station Real Radio in 1995 for a few years as well as playing in pubs & party’s for several years, than in clubs. 
I started Arawakradio March 2015 as the 1st Lady & than joined the Team ROL in 2016.
In 2018 I joined Levi one drop also ROL on Hot92.com as the 1st Lady of Hot92. 
We as a Team have put on several successful dances for the community over the years. 
We have played in the O2 when Chronix & Koffee where one of our biggest crowds. 
I’ve  also played abroad which is what I would like to continue to do. 
You can find me on FB as Lady Jennie Pee & Instagram as Lady Jennie P
Email: dj.jenniep@ yahoo.co.uk 
Contact no is: 07932 319695
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